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el 3 Jun 01, a las 8:45, Jurriaan via Louis Proyect dijo:

> The only way to resolve the discussion is to say that globalisation
> IS imperialism. But if that is so, why not use the word imperialism
> ? The fact is that "imperialism" still has a radical political
> connotation, and "globalisation" has no such connotation at all.

I have a different take. "Imperialism" was a word that Lenin took from
a liberal critic of the formally established empires of the pre-WW I
age. It was an open debate, there were open imperialists, and open

Now, what we have is "globalization", a perverted term which hides
"imperialism" but also allows us to establish "globalism" as OUR own
term. We can even play judo with our enemies: "Yes, there is no
alternative, either globalism and death or socialism and life".


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