Fears of the racketeers

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar
Sun Jun 3 15:51:47 MDT 2001

The outburst of popular rage generated around the Aerolíneas case has
produced strong discomfort in the ruling circles of Argentina.

The _La Nación_ daily, preparing the mind of the ruling classes, has
already begun a series of fifteen (fifteen!) notes demonstrating that
this particular privatization was a "bad" one, but the balance of
privatizations is in general one of excellence. The first articles, on
the Entel case, have already been published today. That is, they don't
lose time, because they know that once the mind of people begins to
move ahead towards rebellion, the ruling classes must be rigged around
a strict and clear cut.

We should learn from them.

The whole media system, at the same time, puts in Heaven the results
of what has been known as the "megacanje" (Megaswap) by which
Argentina has made the extraordinary transaction of pushing ahead
payment of some 20 billion dollars (which had been obtained at around
8% a year) at the "bargain" price of --15% a year!!! Cavallo himself
explained, a few weeks ago, that these interest rates could _not_ be
paid at all, that they were suicidal. Now, they are absolutely
unimportant, and what people should think about is obtaining good
credits, buying, producing, and so on...

The problem is that with 25 years of experience and a similar
situation (arranged by Cavallo and Mulford then, just as it has been
now) during the early 90s, nobody believes in this criminal.

Nationalism is mounting again in Argentina, and the consciousness that
"this is all we can get from these rogues" is more clear every day.

As I comented a few months ago: the lines are beginning to be clearer
each day.

Shall we burst soon? We shall see...

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar

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