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Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar
Sun Jun 3 16:39:16 MDT 2001

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Jun 01, a las 18:07, Mark Lause dijo:

> Also, the very experession "globalization" and "globalism" is used
> so much by the right wing corporate world beaters (all to the cheers
> of the ex-Maoists) that the expression nearly makes me nauseous.

Corporate world beaters, so far as I know, and at least their local
versions in Argentina, get mad when the term "globalization" is
substituted for "globalism". The effect is particularly strong when
one speks of "globalists", "globalizers" and "globalized". Maybe
Argentinean sepoys are particularly sensitive to changes in
terminology, because they rely on words more than on their own
strength. But the fact is that it is a pleasant thing to move the
floor from beneath their shoes during a debate by turning their
"natural" globalization into a "historic, human" globalism.

I don't mind using the word "imperialism", myself. I also agree in
that there has been a lot of research on this, which cannot be said on
"globalization".  But in actual political work, it is not a bad idea
to turn your opponents' verbiage against them.

By the way: I have NEVER been a Maoist. I am a proud heir of the line
of Leon Trotsky, whose work on Latin America would be a wonderful
eye-opener for many of his self-appointed disciples (only that they
would sift those writings through their current prejudices, much to
the rage of old Lev Davidovitch)

> Still an "internationalist" Lause

Well, Mark, then we are two of the same kind. What's more: I consider
myself a hard nosed internationalist, but not an abstract one...

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar

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