Salmon Farming and Environmentalism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sun Jun 3 17:05:35 MDT 2001

>For your information, David Suzuki is an ex-scientist turned 'deep
>ecologist' (I can substantiate that with his own words), and the mission
>behind the Suzuki Foundation, which recieves large donations from such
>foundations as Ford and Rockefeller, is worth questioning. More ideology
>and religion than science in my view.
>Brian James

Actually, the most valuable information one can get one's hands on is in
the Worldwatch Institute's annual reports. They receive nearly all their
funding from Rockefeller foundations. The problem is that the Marxist
movement lacks the resources, both material and intellectual, to grasp the
full dimensions of the ecological crisis so we are forced to use research
from these quarters. In any case, people can judge on
its own merits. I will add it to the Marxism list links of the month,
whoever pays Suzuki's rent.

Louis Proyect
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