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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jun 3 17:13:19 MDT 2001

>response. Regarding Stephen himself, he is too noisy and provocative.
>Instead of addressing the *substance* of the posts Lou or Mark writes, he
>prefers to make 2 or 3 sentences of  highly opinonized comments and insults
>people personally. This is uncalled for. If your problem is to agree with
>Brenner or take a position against your enemies, do it in a scholarly
>manner man!
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Actually he unsubbed immediately after I subbed him. He had been baiting me
ever since I began criticizing Ellen Meiksins Wood and I wanted to answer
him without getting brother Perelman upset. For some odd reason, he feels
the need to defend the honor of these kinds of academic Marxist
celebrities. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if Martians invaded Earth
and swept up all the universities and colleges into a fleet of flying
saucers to bring back to the mother planet for further study. That would
mean the end of postmodernism, the Brenner thesis, analytical Marxism,
regulation theory, cultural studies and all the other wacky stuff I never
knew about when I was selling Trotskyist newspapers door-to-door in housing

Louis Proyect
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