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isn't it the beauty of marxism list that we have comrades here from Africa
such as John Enyang who is so conscious of imperialism?

very much so!!!

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> On Sun, 3 Jun 2001, Jurriaan wrote:
> > Dear critics,
> >
> > I have no intention of saying imperialism is "progressive", even
> > the colonisers may have done some undoubtedly progressive things at
> > such as building schools and hospitals, develop infrastructure or
> > (as the Dutch did in Indonesia; this kind of thing was precisely the
> > "civilising influence" which Second International apologists of
> >  used to extoll its positive benefits).
> >
> When the Germans occupied Europe and turned it into a veritable colony,
> they no doubt built hospitals, railways and other infrastructure. This
> infrastructure does not make Europeans consider themselves the
> of German occupation. Nor does one hear sane Europeans call the
> "progressive," not even in any "dialectical" sense. Undoubtedly
> what we have a glimpse of in the "imperialism is progressive" argument,
> more than just naive ignorance or even cynical, bald hypocrisy. It is the
> kernel of racism in European (including N. American) bourgeois thought,
> one that has often given rise to exterminism, and threatens to do so
> in the future.
> >

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