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Dear friends,

Below is the letter from the Ukrainian Peasant Party to Kostunica demanding 
the release of Slobodan Miloshevich from jail.

At the time it was written, 3 weeks ago, the Peasant Party had gotten 500,000 
signatures to support the letter.  According to latest reports, not fully 
confirmed, they have now collected 3 million signatures.  

Meanwhile, 3 days ago, at a Moscow meeting of 1000 delegates of the Slavonic 
Council  (leading intellectuals, political parties and trade unions from 
Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, perhaps elsewhere) a similar statement was 
unanimously adopted.  It received a standing ovation.

The Serbian Socialist Party strategy of awakening the Slavs to act on the 
knowledge that the attack on Yugoslavia is a strategic step to carry out 
Washington's plan of creating conditions to wage "low intensity, semi-nuclear 
war" against the former Soviet Union and following its transformation into 
helpless territories, to move against China, from the West flank - the SPS' 
attempt to awaken Slavs appears to be having some effect. - Jared Israel

Supreme Rada of the Peasants’ Party of Ukraine

Kiev, 15th May 2001

To the President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

H. E. Mr. Vojislav Kostunica

Esteemed Mr. President,

As you are aware, former President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and 
chairman of the largest opposition party in Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic was 
arrested on 1st of April 2001. He voluntarily answered to the summons of the 
examining magistrate in order to make a statement regarding the accusations 
made against him. Thereafter, one month detention was determined, but after 
46 days now, Slobodan Milosevic is still imprisoned.

Though criminal charges brought against him do not contain even single 
evidence and though there are no any aggravating circumstances, citizen of 
Yugoslavia Milosevic was not allowed to defend himself as a free person, as 
it is usual in such cases.

All that is pointing to a stage managed political case. According to the 
information that are arriving from Yugoslavia, similar political processes 
are already open and, in an ever increasing number, are being prepared 
against many functionaries of the previous government and prominent members 
of the Socialist Party of Serbia.

We are surprised by the fact that after ascendance of the democrartic 
leadership into power in Yugoslavia, political forces that always were 
champions of the ideals of freedom and solidarity, equality of all the 
countries and peoples, champions of patriotism and humanism are now being 
subjected to reprisals.

It is well known world-wide that exactly these forces, with president 
Slobodan Milosevic at the helm, resisted criminal NATO aggression against 
their country and defended freedom and independence of their state, honour 
and dignity of their people. They fought and continue fighting against policy 
of globalisation, hegemony, imperialism and totalitarianism, against creating 
even bigger gap between rich and poor countries, against imposition of 
political interests and goals dictated from one single centre all over the 
world , that is pretending to become master of the world and, in order to 
achieve that goals, uses political pressure, ransom and even armed aggression 
against states and peoples that are resisting.

Slobodan Milosevic’s Party as its main goal holds creation of a rich and just 
society in Yugoslavia.

In Ukraine, on the initiative of the Peasants Party of Ukraine, since 5th of 
May 2001 a drive under the title *Freedom for Slobodan Milosevic* is 
conducted. Well known personalities from political and social circles, 
representatives of science and culture, writers, artists, workers and peasant 
farmers, miners and metal workers are taking part in this drive. A total of 
449 Social Committees were established to collect signatures for liberation 
of the leader of Yugoslav people. Up to the 16th of May 2001 five hundred 
thousand (500.000) signatures in support of the freedom for leader of the 
Socialist Party of Serbia were collected.

Among those first to sign the appeal to liberate former President of 
Yugoslavia were: president of the Peasants Party of Ukraine, member of 
Parliament, Serghei Dovgan’, leaders of the Communist Party and Progressive 
Socialist Party of Ukraine, a number of Members of Parliament of Ukraine, 
heroes of the Soviet Union and Heroes of Socialist Labour, leaders of 
international and local social organisations and organisations for protection 
of human rights, actors, artists, musicians - holders of the title of peoples 
and meritous artists respectively, leading Ukrainian scientists , professors, 
lecturers and students of the university establishments.

Leadership of the Peasants Party of Ukraine, fulfilling the will of hundreds 
of thousands of citizens of Ukraine that supported the drive *Freedom for 
Slobodan Milosevic!*, is addressing you Mr. President with request to free 
from prison the great citizen of Yugoslavia - country you are now leading by 
chance. We trust in your just regard towards the heroic history of suffering 
but never collapsed people of yours, and the greatest sons of that people, 
such as Faithful Defender of Fatherland, leader of socialists of Serbia 
Slobodan Milosevic.

In our country, as well as in whole Slavic world, Slobodan Milosevic is 
recognized as a President-patriot, a President-freedom fighter, a 
President-hero, outstanding champion of the unity of Slavic world.

I lay my trust in your understanding of the problem and just solution to this 

I avail myself of this opportunity to inform you that Parliamentary Caucus of 
the Peasants Party addressed a similar appeal to the Organisation of the 
United Nations, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Organisation 
of European Security and Co-operation, to the leaderships of Russia, Belarus, 
Greece, to the parliamentary opposition parties of the countries that took 
part in the aggression against Yugoslavia.


With respect,

President of the Peasants Party of Ukraine

Chief of the Parliamentary Caucus of the Peasants Party of Ukraine

Member of the Parliament of Ukraine

Serghei Dovgan’


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