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Never Happened

The Independent(London)  - 20 April, 2001

One of Israel's leading scholars of the Jewish Holocaust has angrily
compared the country's Nobel prize-winning Foreign Minister, Shimon Peres,
to a holocaust denier after an interview in which Mr Peres made the
astonishing claim that the Armenians "1.5 million of whom were slaughtered
by Ottoman Turks in 1915" never experienced a genocide.

Mr Peres' statement appeared in the Turkish Daily News prior to a recent
state visit to Turkey; the paper says he went so far as to refer to the
Armenian account of the mass slaughter as "meaningless".

Israel Charny, the editor of the distinguished new two-volume Encyclopedia
of Genocide, has written to Mr Peres, expressing his shame at the remarks
and accusing Mr Peres of going "beyond a moral boundary that no Jew should
allow himself to trespass".

Dr Charny, who is also executive director of the Institute on the Holocaust
and Genocide in Jerusalem, has reminded the Foreign Minister that Israeli
academics signed a public declaration at a recent holocaust conference in
Philadelphia stating that the Armenian genocide was factual.

To the fury of Armenians, and of Dr Charny, Turkey is funding a worldwide
campaign to deny the facts of the Armenian holocaust which was unleashed by
Ottoman rulers against Turkey's Christian minority in the First World War.
Tens of thousands of Armenian men were executed by Turkish forces in 1915,
and their families deported to the Syrian desert where they were
systematically plundered, raped and butchered by Turkish gendarmes and
marauding Kurds.

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