Zionists And/As Nazis

Paul Flewers hatchet.job at virgin.net
Mon Jun 4 15:31:58 MDT 2001

Re Jim Craven's posting 'Zionists And/As Nazis'. I came across this in an
account by a British military officer of a visit to the Soviet Union in 1936
(Sidney I Luck, Observation in Russia, London, 1936, p242). Captain Luck met
an old rabbi in Osmk who objected to intermarriage between Jews and
non-Jews. Luck asked if that was rather similat to Hitler's ideas, 'he
replied that intermarriage would assuredly destroy the Jewish religion,
whereas Hitlerism would give it a new lease of life'.

Isaac Deutscher wrote 30 years later: 'For those who have always stressed
Jewishness and its continuity, it is strange and bitter to think that the
extermination of six million Jews should have given such a new lease of life
to Jewry. I would have preferred the six million men, women and children to
survive and Jewry to perish.' (The Non-Jewish Jew, London, 1981, p50)

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