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>dynamics of Indian society but never escaping imperialist tutelage. Indian
>capitalism offers nothing to the people of India except more of the same:
>deepening despoliation of the environment, increasing immiseration of the
>masses, growing injustice and inequality and no pathway to the future.

Speaking of India, this item just showed up on L-I as part of a newsletter
put out by the CPI(M):

Jobless "Growth" in 1990s

There were 4 crore job-seekers registered with employment exchange
countrywide at the end of 1999. That was little more than 10% of the
country's total workforce, which is growing at the rate of 2.5% annually.
Even though the economy reportedly grew at the rate of 6.4% annually, the
average annual growth of employment in the organised sector was a mere 0.8%
through the '90s. Assuming that the employment grew at the same rate in the
unorganised sector, India added jobs at the rate of 30 lakh a year in the
'90s. In the coming decade, however, 1 crore people will enter job market
every year. If the economic growth-job ratio remains the same, the country
will add 7 crore jobless over the next decade.

In 1994 agriculture employed 23.9 cr. people. By 2000 it had came down by
30 lakh. Manufacturing sector output grew by 5.5% over the past decade but
employment there grew by a shade over 1%. Direct employment has been static
at about 2.5 lakh over the last 3 years. Public sector employment is down
by 3 lakh to 18.5 lakh. Central Govt. staff has remained static at 33 lakh
all through the '90s. The total number of govt. employees in the
States/UTs, local bodies, schools and colleges has stagnated at 1.94 crore
since 1994. Much expectation is raised by IT enabled services. It can
employ upto 15 lakh over the next 10 years. That is like pulling out a
bucket of water from a pond.

Besides unemployment, there is under-employment in rural areas of 76% of
the workforce. The guess estimate puts the number of under-employed also at
4 crore.By the end of the decade, 50% of our people are expected to be in
the cities. Our labour force will grow at 2.5 times the avenues of job
creation. This is really a time bomb indeed!

Louis Proyect
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