Chinese Greens: proof of a middle class

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Tue Jun 5 18:06:10 MDT 2001

>If my observation that China now produces workers materially affluent
>enough to care about rare species of monkey and disposable chopsticks,
>the example tendered in the report under discussion, WHILE most Chinese
>workers are treated like animals at work and at home, offends you---then
>so be it.
>Barry Stoller

Actually, during the worst months of the Russian Civil War, Lenin took time
to sit in on meetings that would eventually lead to the most sweeping
wildlife preservation and nature conservancy legislation in 20th century
history. While "brown Marxists" like David Harvey prattle on about Nazi
environmentalism, there was no state more green than the early Soviet state.

Louis Proyect
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