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Pat, this an excerpt from your book (or phd), which you  posted  two months
ago. Remenber we were discussing bank control theorists (such as David
Kotz), in relation to finance capital theory. Where is the page number for
this? can you please let me know?. i don't have your book, but i remember
seeing it.  Lou has the book. I don't know if he can trace the page number
for this paragh. . it must be in the theory section. I need to add this
info to my discussion on Van Der Pijl.

thanks a lot...

bye, Xxxx

You said:

 "Van der Pijl's concepts are bound up with fractions-
      of-capital theory and regulation theory, and as a result
      they focus rather more on institutional form than on
      underlying process. Nevertheless the advantage lies in
      the distinction between the supposed "finance capital"
      synthesis, the ideal-type productive capital concept,
      and the ideal-type money capital concept (which in its
      real manifestations is here referred to as "money
      power"). This distinction is one missed by most other
      theorists. It is a distinction which turns our attention
      to the circulation, not merely institutional appearance,
      of capital. This focus is crucial in order that a
      variety of crisis tendencies can be identified and
      understood, including overaccumulation in particular
      sectors, disproportionalities between departments,
      bottlenecks in the circulation process, and differential
      devaluation. "

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