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Tue Jun 5 19:28:48 MDT 2001

> From: Louis Proyect
> The hostility toward the American ISO and the Australian DSP strikes me as
> not only uncharitable, but characteristic of the kind of 'scratch to
> gangrene' mentality that is the bane of the Trotskyist movement. This does
> not mean that I advocate the ISO re-entering the mother ship, something
> that is not really germane to my interests. Instead what I think is
> necessary is continuing collaboration across the board, like the Socialist
> Alliance campaigns, the Scottish Socialist Party, etc. By continuing to
> participate in electoral initiatives that emphasize the current class
> struggle rather than worrying over when and if the Soviet Union became
> capitalist (or not) seems to make the most sense, at least for the time
> being.

I think that the way to deal with the hostility is to ignore it, as much as
possible, and focus on the collaboration.  Over time, the collaboration will
tend to modify the hostility.  It might even modify the political
disagreements that are the rational element of the hostility.

Just one thing:  the electoral initiatives are, or at least should be, only
one aspect of the alliance work that is necessary and possible.  The
"anti-globalisation" campaign is a prime example of the other kinds of work
that can take place.

Alan Bradley
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