Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Tue Jun 5 22:40:31 MDT 2001

It is not the attitude that needs to be got rid of. It is the sectarianism.
It is simply that I know Rintoul better than you do. Much better and
believe me that particular leopard will not change his spots.  He will have
to be neutralised, and that will take a mass democratic movement.

Lou is quite correct about such people - always Rintoul is out for market
share.  Again and again the ISO repeat the same old maneuvers and
formulae.Thus in the M1 protests they could not stop themselves from
proposing a march so as to appear more *militant* than the DSP. It led to
arrests of course but then ISO would have cared nothing about that.  They
would have put on their little show, and appeared the super heroes of the
Left. You cannot work with such people because everything is worked out
centrally - in the head of one man - Ian Rintoul.

Two years ago I went to a meeting with the DSP and the ISO planning a rally
and march for the East Timor.  It was a night of wonderful sterility.  The
DSP were friendly to me but disagreed with my position on East Timor.  The
cretins from ISO opposed me having a spot on the platform though we had the
same line politically. But they had come to the meeting with their little
caucused position and their leader at the meeting who was to decide which
way the "cadres" would vote.  He alone was licensed to think, and he could
not think in terms of having me as a speaker. In the end I got on the
platform because the DSP voted for me.

I am very afraid that at present this is all the Socialist Alliance offers
- the hell of being in a meeting with Rintoul's minions, who are totally
incapable of creative thought. Of course if they ever do dare depart from
the script then the Master would expel them.

>Pessimism, of course, is probably the most realistic option, as usual, but I
>wonder if there isn't a little bit of an inability to see past a sectarian
>view of the world tucked away in Gary's words.
>Alan Bradley
>abradley1 at

Perhaps you are correct here.  However I do not think of myself as overly
pessimistic.  Moreover I am desperate to avoid sectarianism, but I do not
want to be fucked over twice in one incarnation by Rintoul.

Some years back I was on the Marxism list with Adam Rose of the ISO - He
was intelligent, nice etc and I actually once called him the "acceptable
face of the ISO".  He wrote indignantly to me that he did not want to be
the 'acceptable face'.  He wanted to be a tough cadre.  Of course that was
the malevolent legacy of the Old Sectarian Tony Cliff who apparently used
the term "soft" as one of political abuse.  By soft of course he meant non
Bolshevik.  But it was a caricature of Bolshevism. What Cliff was opposed
to was the 'human'.  Poor Adam was afraid of being thought 'soft'.

When Cliff decided to "toughen up" the ISO tendency in the early 80s some
people took to this wonderful new sectarian world like ducks to water.
Rintoul was one of those. Socialist Alliance or no Socialist Alliance he
will be out for market share among those attracted to the Socialist Alliance.



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