IRSP: Solidarity Greetings to the Delegates of the Asia Pacific Peoples Solidarity Conference

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Wed Jun 6 21:54:28 MDT 2001

Solidarity Greetings to the Delegates of the Asia Pacific Peoples
Solidarity Conference


The Irish Republican Socialist Party sends heartfelt solidarity to you on
the occasion of the Asia Pacific Peoples Solidarity Conference now meeting
in Jakarta.

Whether in the North Atlantic or the South Pacific, whether in Europe or in
Asia, the working people of the world confront the same obstacles, the same
opposition. With the banner of "Globalisation" waving overhead, imperialism
continues to confront those of us in the formerly colonial nations, seeking
to drain from our people the wealth they create through their labour to
enrich a mere handful, while the masses of humanity struggle to survive.

The imperialists seem to have every weapon at their disposal: their armies
bristling with sophisticated weapons and their arms merchants enabling and
provoking our neo-colonial regimes to undertake increased repression and
engage in senseless slaughter; their free trade alliances and their
sweat-shop industries, ever seeking the lowest wages and the highest
profits; their Coca-Cola culture of consumerism and the mounting debt they
hold us in, taking in interest what should be spent on human needs.

What do we possess with which to fight such an arsenal?

We have solidarity.

We have the ability to reach out to one another as sister and brother
workers, united in our needs as a class, just as are our oppressors.
Through solidarity we regain our greatest strength--our numbers, moreover,
we regain our ability to thwart attempts to weaken us through greater division.

They seek to rally us to fight their wars against those engaged in just
national liberation struggles. We must resist. They seek to prey upon our
needs to pit worker against worker in a downward spiral of depressed wages.
We must resist. They seek to divide us by our religious creeds, our native
tongues, the shade of our skin, our gender, our cultural practices. We must

We must let "solidarity" be our watchword. We must make "unity" our cry. We
must stand united as one, when they seek to divide and weaken us.

Collectively, we are the vast majority of the world's people. It is we who
collectively create all of the wealth they possess. It is we who grow the
crops, cook the foods, erect the dwellings, craft the furnishings, mine the
ores, pump the petroleum, fish the seas, herd the livestock, build the
factories, run the machines, weave the cloth, sew the clothes, fell the
timber, plant the trees, till the earth, lay the roads, wire the electrical
appliances, generate the power, connect the telephone lines, relay the
messages--it is our sweat and toil that is daily traded on their stock
exchanges and stored up in their bank vaults.

They cannot create any of the wealth they use to further subdue and exploit
us without us. There is our power. That is our great weapon, but it can
only be used effectively, if it is used collectively. To resist, we require
the solidarity of those like us throughout our regions and throughout the

And so, the members of the Irish Republican Socialist Party, representing
the working women and men of Ireland, bring to you today our solidarity. We
wish you well as you confer with one another in your pursuit of unity and
mutual support. We know that every advance you make will bring us closer to
our own victory. We know that every advance we make, we make for you as well.

We do not ask for very much, as the great Irish socialist James Connolly
once said. All we want is the earth! It belongs to us, let us claim it as
our own! Together, in solidarity with one another, nothing can deny it to us!

Long live the solidarity of those who struggle for justice!

Long live the solidarity of those who struggle for what is right!

Peter Urban,
Co-International Secretary
Irish Republican Socialist Party

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