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Thu Jun 7 06:21:12 MDT 2001

> From: Greg Schofield
> Having read what you and Alan are saying below and not really knowing much
> about the background, it does sound awfully familiar to a similar
> situation which arose between the CPA and DSP (then SWP) back in the late
> 80's. It did not come to anything then and I doubt very much it will
> between the DSP and ISO now, I am too old for things which do not strike
> at the heart of problems and such alliances can only be understood by what
> they don't say and will not undertake.


There is one major difference though.  The CPA was dying, and its leadership
were looking to opt out of politics and/or bolt to the right.  This isn't
true of the ISO or DSP.  It _might_ just mean that the participants in the
current project will be just a little bit more serious, or that their goals
are a little more compatible.  An example of that:  (most of) the CPA wasn't
about socialist revolution by the '80s.  (Am I right about this? You were in
the CPA - I wasn't.)  The DSP was, and is.  So is the ISO.

Any sensible assessment needs to operate on a "pessimism of the intellect,
optimism of the will" basis.  So, damn it, this time we are going to _make_
it work.  ; )

> I do not think there are any magic solutions but only in stepping back and
> getting a thoroughly critical understanding of this utopianism and begin
> to combat it. I think the net offers the means, but we are a long way from
> creating a "front" on it that can have any impact. What I do see on the
> net is the same old stuff being played out of competing utopias (I would
> argue this is what is going on in the Marxlist for the most part).

The problem with the net is that essentially it is just talk.  We have lots
and lots of ways to get together and talk - more than we can poke a stick
at.  Frankly, I'm not all that interested any more.

In fact, I don't think that stepping back and getting a "critical
understanding" of stuff usually does any good at all. What it mostly does is
just introduce a new variety of confusion into the situation, and spawn new
forms of old errors.

Umm.  Sorry about the last few sentences.  They were a product of a moment's
grumpiness, rather than my real opinion.  I've left them in, though, because
there is a little bit of truth there.  And it shows that I can be a bit "too
old" for stuff too.  : )

Alan Bradley
abradley1 at

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