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Thu Jun 7 09:54:20 MDT 2001

En relación a Dependency theory debate in Latin America, el 6 Jun 01,
a las 20:59, Louis Proyect dijo:

> There you have it, comrades. This is what riles Carlos Johnson: the
> MIR rejected alliances with the local bourgeoisies. I myself will
> take my stand with the MIR's of this world.

Of all the groups in Chile, early 70s, the MIR were among the most
revolutionary ones, as also was MAPU. But there is not a single
alternative. I mean, between "reformists" and "revolutionaries" Lou
takes the stand of the "revolutionaries", which is OK.

But there is another possibility, which not even the MIR could see,
and which ultimately doomed the whole movement. This possibility
_includes_ alliances with fractions of the local bourgeoisies, and is
a better one. I insist: AGF declared in the open that he and his
people were _against_ Perón and Vargas, and even of an eventual Perón
in Chile. This proved suicidal.

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