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Thu Jun 7 12:57:15 MDT 2001


The question to acknowledge the production of non-material goods
within the change value of goods is very difficult. Services e.g.
internet databases etc. are part of the material production, they are
able to reduce the production costs (both: variable and fixed) and
therefore generating a sur-plus above the profits (or maybe the
"Mehrwert" - don't know the English word). On the otherhand they are
cost factors which are variable in most cases, but can be fixed under
some circumstance.

Scientific developments (e.g. Gen-technology) may be now a cost-factor
(mostly fixed) bound to generate higher profits by enhancing the
change value. If and when are becoming a common good (f-o-c) their
behaviour within the production might change, but I do not know to

If services are a direct part of production, those realising the
services are part of the working-class. Their social standing is,
despite the fact of mostly higher income and very often of being
self-employed, very much like those of weavers two centuries ago.


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