Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Thu Jun 7 15:39:00 MDT 2001

>As always, we are dealing with the actually existing Australian left.  It
>isn't the left we would like, even if it is the left we deserve.
>Alan Bradley
>abradley1 at

In truth we are dealing with a *section* of the "actually existing
Australian left".  And if I may say so not a very prestigious section. The
DSP have striven might and main and they deserve all credit for that. They
have tried a number of strategies to break out.  They have dallied with the
old Moscow aligned Socialist Party of Australia.  They have tried to get
into to bed with greens and with the Greens. Now they are co-habiting with
the ISO.

It is only of the last move that I am particularly critical. I cannot see
at least not from the perspective of Brisbane how such an alliance can link
up with and lead the anti-capitalist current that is showing signs of growing.

Greg's persistent question of the working class is of course something
else.  We have had our discussion here and I bow to his faith, but I have
to say that there is no sign at all of the working class being even
remotely radicalised or politicised.  I still maintain that only a major
depression will break a *part* of the working class away from the Labor Party.

As for what is to be done, Alan seems to be in his Napoleonic phase - "On
s'engage et puis on voit". He may be correct.  I do not know.



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