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Thu Jun 7 19:57:01 MDT 2001

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Mr. Proyect: You are quite skilled in name calling and rather short in
the argument department. That's OK.  But here's the real problem: you
allow no margin for debate on this issue of Pacifica-- which I have to
say in the "grand sweep of history" isn't much of an issue in any
case. Take a moment and reflect on your stand: either one is with you;
or one is a great traitor to history, a snitch, a pig yada yada. There
is now way to qualify that sort of attitude other than as Stalinist--
or just plain rigid and dumb and intolerant. And it makes me, for one,
quite happy that folks like you are quite distant from state power.

I will say this: even if one were to grant all your notions about
Pacifica..  and I don't-- how can you possibly argue that of all the
media, it is the enemy? It's unfortunate that you don't live in KPFK's
signal area. If you did, you could enjoy rather radical programming
during many hours of the day. Along with a lot of other crap that has
ALWAYS have been on Pacifica.  By the way.. it is true that KPFT and
WPFW are essentially apolitical music stations. I know, because when I
protested that fact I was fired from Pacfica.. when? In 1983!
And.. oh yes.. you still havent told me what corporations are behind
the "coporate takeover?" I'm patient. MARC COOPER

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