Town and country in Latin America (was Re: Dependency theory debate inLatin America)

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Nestor dijo:

>The Bolsheviks were _for_ the union of
> town and country, but they clearly stated that they understood that
> the town had to take the leadership.  The town is not only the home of
> the bourgeois. It is also the home of the proletarian.

True, but at the time that Bolshevik revolution was taking place in Russia,
there were not enough proletarians in large numbers to lead the socialist
revolution. Lenin knew that stagism did not apply to Russia, but also made
clear that, as opposed to Mensheviks,  revolution was _timely_ to overcome
Russia's capitalist underdevelopment. That is why he stressed
proleterian+peasent allience as the vungard of the Bolshevik movement.

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