Gunder Frank nude (was Re: The MIR (was Re: Dependency theory debatein Latin America))

Ulhas Joglekar uvj at
Fri Jun 8 22:41:10 MDT 2001

From: Xxxx Xxxxxx <xxxxxxxxxx at>
>It is a joke, and, as far as it
> goes, represents a bourgeois "developmentalist ideology". What you have
> instead in the third world (even in your highly civilized Argentina,
> Uruguay, or Ulhas's so called "developing" India or IMF's "developing"
> Turkey etc..) is _capitalism_ charecterized by a 1) highly rigid system of
> class stratification 2) impoverished urban and rural masses 3) reserve

The 'Centre' dumps in the 'Periphery' the mass of useless cultural products,
sometimes these products are called 'Marxist Theory'.


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