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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Jun 9 06:41:37 MDT 2001

>The Montoneros, dear Lou. The Montoneros: the most impressive mass
>movement of the revolutionary petty bourgeoisie in Argentina was
>sterilized intelectually, to a great extent, by the theses of AGF that
>were taught in the University.
>Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky

The Montoneros? Isn't this the same group that I seem to remember described
as Peronista urban guerrillas? Why blame AGF? Why not blame Peron? They
also admired Che Guevara? Why not blame Che? Look, Nestor, your attempt to
make AGF the "scratch" that led to Argentinian "gangrene" is--to put it
bluntly--absurd. Urban guerrilla warfare, terrorism, ultraleftism was
PANDEMIC when we were young. It was the dialectical product of a wholesale
rejection of the sort of plodding reformism of the CP's but bent the stick
entirely in the other direction. If AGF had never been born, Argentina (and
Brazil, Spain, Turkey, etc.) would have been plagued by the same sort of
phenomena. The answer is not to demonize a revolutionary scholar, but to
come to terms with *our* mistakes and move forward.

Louis Proyect
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