Ireland rejects Nice treaty

nigel_irritable mmcdon at
Sat Jun 9 08:50:25 MDT 2001

A brief report, I'll return with more detail at a later stage.

Ireland has voted by referendum (54% to 46%) to reject the Nice Treaty.
Ireland is the only country in the EU which is having a referendum on the
Treaty. All of the establishment political parties called for a Yes vote as
did the employers federation, the Roman Catholic church, the entire print
media and the Congress of Trade Unions. A collection of smaller parties
including the Greens, the Socialist Party and Sinn Fein along with the most
traditionally left wing of the big trade unions, the ATGWU, campaigned
against the treaty. There was also a right wing campaign against the
treaty, led by the rump of the religious right.

This is one of the most important victories this country has seen for
years. The Treaty cannot be implemented unless it is ratified by all of the
member states of the EU.

Is mise le meas,
Brian Cahill

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