Chavez veers left, talks expropriation

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el 9 Jun 01, a las 18:08, Barry Stoller dijo:

Stupidity of the press: the reporter that Barry is quoting does not
realize that Bolívar IS an ideology. She or he cannot see that there
may be some ideology that wells out from our own reality, not from
outside. The times fill the cup with their own wine, a wine which
becomes stronger with time, but the ideas and actions of Bolívar are
an ideology in themselves for whoever wants to read history in them.


> Stressing that his revolution needed an ideology, he declared "Our
> banner is Bolivar," a reference to 19th century Latin American
> independence hero Simon Bolivar whom Chavez has proclaimed as the
> inspiration for his nationalist crusade.
> "We have to carry the justice-seeking, revolutionary, anti-imperialist
> message of the greatest American of all time (Bolivar) ... we have to
> believe it, spread it," he said.

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