Colonial Marxism

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el 9 Jun 01, a las 17:38, Xxxx Xxxxxx dijo:

> > 
> > > The 'Centre' dumps in the 'Periphery' the mass of useless cultural
> products,
> > > sometimes these products are called 'Marxist Theory'.
> > > 
> > > Ulhas
> > 

[True, sez I, then Xxxx goes and says]

> To say that core counties do not exploit peripheral countries, and
> accusing Marxists to construct a category of helpless "otherness" is
> a reverse orientalist demagogue characteristic of Spivak type
> cultural post-Marxism.  Unfortunately, this garbage is, sometimes,
> called a Marxist theory.

I don't care what the differences between Ulhas and me (or, for that
matter, Ulhas and Xxxx) can be. They are deep and in most cases I will
be on Xxxx's side against him. But the basic idea that Marxism is many
times imported, and not recreated, in the Third World, is something
worth understanding and respecting.

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