ATC editor neutral in corporate take-over of Pacifica

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sun Jun 10 13:43:15 MDT 2001

Susan Weissman wrote:
>Mr. Proyect,
>	From your self-appointed position as moderator of an email list you have
>the freedom to snipe, and you obviously do it with relish. Clearly you feel
>no need to do research in the interests of accuracy. That you could
>'imagine' my position on the former Yugoslavia is amazing. But then I guess
>there's no accountability when you are merely the moderator of a list with
>no standards. Just for the record: I have done consistent programming on
>Yugoslavia for the last eleven years, with Balkan updates every week during
>crisis points.

Yes, I am quite sure you are a one-person Balkan industry.

> I took an early stand against NATO but also against Milosevic
>and his particular opportunism using chauvinism and ethnic cleansing to
>maintain his grip on power.

I, I, I. Is that all that matters to you? Look, you are the editor of a
magazine called Against the Current even though from what I understand you,
like Sam Farber and others, are not members of Solidarity. (This kind of
intellectual division of labor between the pundits at ATC and the grunts
who actually go out and build Solidarity reminds of the split in the old
Social Democracy, but there is no need to go into that right now.) The more
important question is how your magazine adapts to humanitarian imperialism.
Immediately after touting Branka Magas as your leading expert on
Yugoslavia, she turns around and denounces you for not supporting NATO
bombing. Such a spectacle would ordinarily be grounds for introspection,
but I guess the big-shot academics at ATC only know how to criticize others
rather than yourselves. Meanwhile, the turn toward humanitarian imperialism
only deepens as you support UN troops in East Timor and who knows where
else next. When you were in the Trotskyist movement, didn't anybody teach
you about the class nature of the United Nations?

>I spent two months in Russia during the bombing
>campaign and spoke out there in international conferences -- against NATO,
>against Milosevic, and trying honestly and fairly to reflect how the issue
>had divided Western leftists. My remarks are published on record.

I. My. I. My. This is what I would call petty-bourgeois individualism.

> I was
>nearly lynched by Russian nationalists for attacking Milosevic, and not
>standing with Russia's 'Serbian brothers fighting imperialism.' I won't try
>to imagine your response, I could care less. Good luck with your 'mass
>movement' your sniping and your steady march to power.
>Suzi Weissman

If you could care less, you wouldn't respond. In truth, you know that more
people read the Marxism list archives than read Against the Current. There
are 30,000 visits to the website each month and it would behoove you to
ground your posts to us in terms of political economy rather than a bruised

Louis Proyect
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