its "trim your posts" time.....

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sun Jun 10 16:15:54 MDT 2001

Let me interject after clipping...

Les has done yeoman work lately in getting all sorts of problems
straightened out, beginning with Jared's posts not ending up to dealing with day-to-day stuff required to make this
list useful. All of us should feel grateful that Les finds the time to do
this work in light of his busy schedule discovering new planets.

My only other technical note is to remind comrades that if you plan to take
a vacation this summer, it would be a good idea to unsub and resub when you
come back. As the marxism list is high volume, a mailbox gets filled up in
no time at all. When this happens, I am forced to unsub you so please don't
take it personally.

les wrote:
>Dear comrades:
>material conditions on the list dictate that it has once again come
>time to remind everyone submitting to marxism list to trim your posts
>when you reply to someone else's email.

Louis Proyect
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