ATC editor neutral in corporate take-over of Pacifica

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Sun Jun 10 19:56:57 MDT 2001

[from [Marc Cooper <mcooper at>], entire quoted text
snipped (sigh)]

Jim.. you know, you are right. I had never considered certain things
before I read your last message. But alas, I am forced to confess that
the printed page, words on paper and all of academia are indeed a
waste of time. Two more bourgeois institutions to be tossed onto the
scrap heap of history!  And yes.. I confess.. after 30 years in
journalism, having published hundreds of articles in scores of
publications around the world, after having those words read by
millions, having published several books (on real paper no less!) and
after having dozens of my pieces reprinted in textbooks to be used in
-- arghh-- academia (!), well.. yes.. I confess.. I AM envious! It's
only now because of your prodding that I realize that at this late
"aging" stage in my life, at the decrepit age of 50, what I have
always secretly wanted was to be regularly published on the internet
Marxism page.

Guess that up to now I have been one of those cabbage-headed
intellectuals!  Thanks for turning my silly little life around!  Until
this very moment, frankly, I was into what I do merely for the glory
and the glitz of working for the sleek and shiny Nation
magazine. Earlier in ym career I had worked for such trashbin
go-nowhere outfits like Rolling Stone and Playboy and Harpers. But
them when the gilded doors of The Nation opened before me..
well.. hey.. it was a no-brainer! I sold my soul to the devil himself,
Victor Navasky. Of course, I had already tainted myself previously by
accepting various and sordid academic positions in several ruling
class educational fronts-- so in a sense i was ripe to be bought off
completely.By the way, where else might I read your work other than
here?  And Jim, do you DO anything political other than scribble this
sort of completely laughable crap?

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