Ireland rejects Nice treaty

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Mon Jun 11 03:05:24 MDT 2001

Brian wrote:

> Ireland has voted by referendum (54% to 46%) to reject the Nice Treaty.
> [snipped]
> This is one of the most important victories this country has seen for
> years. The Treaty cannot be implemented unless it is ratified by all of
> member states of the EU.

It is not only a victory for the Irish people, but for anti-capitalists all
across Europe. Here in Germany the Irish referendum tooped even the UK
election results in the news on Friday.

The reaction of the establishment can be summed up as follows: "We give a
damn about this outcome of the referendum. We will simply let the Irish
vote, untill we get a 'Yes' for the Nice Treaty."

This shows the utter contempt those self-styled democratic leaders have for
democracy. They will only respect it as long as it fits into our own
schemes. But still they are not even ashamed of teaching the rest of the
world about the respect for democracy...


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