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by Jared Israel with research by Rick Rozoff, George Thompson and Max 
Sinclair. [11 June 2001]

[News flash! Last night we received word from an employee at the airport in 
Skopje that a Russian plane landed, was surrounded by Western personnel and 
was forced to take off without unloading. We'll post more information if it 
becomes available. - Emperor's Clothes.]

The Kosovo Liberation Army terrorists (Oops! I'm supposed to say, 'The 
National Liberation Army or NLA;' plus I'm supposed to call them 'rebels,' 
not 'terrorists') are now directly threatening Skopje, capital of Macedonia. 

The Western media pictures these people as indigenous rebels although a large 
section are mujahideen terrorists from all over the world and most of the 
rest are members of the Kosovo Liberation Army fresh from training camps in 
Northern Albania. 

As an article in the Sunday London 'Times' notes:

"Intelligence agents have pinpointed 16 illegal border crossings from Kosovo 
used by the NLA..." (My emphasis. Sunday London 'Times,' 10 June 2001)

The London 'Times' article, called "Macedonia on Brink of War," is packed 
with information that unwittingly supports the charge that, despite the 
public relations image of 'indigenous rebels,' these terrorists are an arm of 
NATO in general and the U.S. military in particular.

You can read the 'Times' piece at 

Or read the following comments first. 


The 'Times' article states that at least 800 of the Albanians attacking 
Macedonia are members of the Kosovo Protection Corps: 

"[These] KPC reservists were called up by their Albanian commander, Agim 
Ceku, in March."

The Kosovo Protection Corps was created by the UN, or UNMIK, the UN apparatus 
in Kosovo. In creating the KPC, the UN simply adorned the Kosovo Liberation 
Army terrorists with new uniforms and equipment and a new name. Of course, 
their nature did not change:

"Murder, torture and extortion: these are the extraordinary charges made 
against the UN's own Kosovo Protection Corps in a confidential United Nations 
report written for Secretary-General Kofi Annan. 

"The KPC stands accused in the document, drawn up on 29 February, of 
'criminal activities - killings, ill-treatment/torture, illegal policing, 
abuse of authority, intimidation, breaches of political neutrality and 

"The 5,000-strong corps, funded by UN members including Britain, has a £30 
million aid budget for Kosovo. It was set up to provide 'disaster response 
services'; instead, says the UN, it has been murdering and torturing people. 
" (March 12, 2000) 

The above quote is from the London 'Observor.'

Kofi Annan has not denied the existence of the UN report. Nor has he denied 
the truth of the charges against the KPC. 

But he has also not ordered the KPC dissolved. And, finally, and perhaps most 
damning, he has not punished the UN officials who made these 
terrorist-gangsters into a UN-sanctioned, UN-paid organization. And in doing 
so, who criminalized the UN. 

Now the KLA/KPC torturers and murderers have invaded Macedonia. 

Even if the UN hadn't officially organized the KPC, it is the sworn duty of 
UN officials to uphold the UN charter and try to prevent aggressive wars 
rather than hiring terrorists and giving them nice new uniforms in which to 
launch them. 

Moreover, UN Security Council Resolution 1244, under which the UN and NATO 
occupy Kosovo, calls on the occupation forces to protect the sovereignty of 

* "The KLA and other armed Kosovo Albanian groups [must] end immediately all 
offensive actions and comply with the requirements for demilitarization... 

* "[The United Nations Security Council] condemns all terrorist acts by any 
party [and reaffirms] the commitment of all Member States to the sovereignty 
and territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the other 
States of the region, as set out in the Helsinki Final Act... 

* "[The UN and the security forces operating under its jurisdiction in Kosovo 
will see to the] demilitarizing the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and other 
armed Kosovo Albanian groups." 


According to the 'Times,' in March, KPC chief Agim Ceku called up the KPC 

Concerning Mr. Ceku, he was (and still is) one of the two top leaders of the 
Kosovo Liberation Army. The other top leader is Hacim Thaci. 

The U.S. put Ceku in charge of the KLA in 1999. His obvious qualification: he 
was artillery chief in the U.S.-led Croatian Army when it launched a war of 
terror in the Krajina region of Yugoslavia. 250,000 Serbs were driven from 
their ancestral homes.

Following the U.S. lead, the UN then put Ceku in charge of the Kosovo 
Protection Corps. 

The KPC was supposedly set up to handle natural disasters. One might 
logically appoint an engineer to run such a group. But if the purpose of the 
organization is to carry out ethnically targeted military aggression, one 
would employ an expert in ethnic terror, such as Mr. Ceku. 

The Times' article says Ceku 'called up' the KPC 'reservists.' 

Called them up for what purpose? 

The KPC was organized (officially) to handle natural disasters. It is under 
UN command. When 'reservists' are called up, they are paid out of UN funds.

Why would the UN permit the mobilization of 800 KPC 'reservists' when there 
is no natural disaster in Kosovo? Especially when everyone knows the KLA is 
fighting in Macedonia and needs reinforcements? 


Next, consider the matter of maps. Maps of Macedonia, that is. Military maps, 
I presume.

The London 'Times' reports that: 

"Embarrassingly for the alliance, they [the KPC reservists] are making use of 
maps issued by Nato for the Kosovo Protection Corps." 

Isn't it charming how the 'Times' employs the term, "embarrassingly," as if 
NATO had committed some breech of etiquette. Let's see. Would that be 
"embarrassingly" as in you order the wrong wine to go with your date's 
grilled shark? Or would that be "embarrassingly" as in you get nabbed driving 
the getaway car at the St. Valentine's Day Massacre? 

Since NATO issued them and the KLA is using them for an invasion, it is 
reasonable to assume these are detailed maps, including roads, location of 
various facilities and topographical features such as hills, etc.

Macedonia is a sovereign state. It is not under NATO or UN control. The 
Kosovo Protection Corps has no valid reason to set foot on Macedonian 

The KPC is supposedly not a military entity. It is under UN, not NATO 

Putting all this together, for what purpose would NATO provide the KPC with 
military maps of Macedonia? 


The article states that after being 'called up,' the KPC 'reservists' slipped 
off to training camps in Northern Albania. 

One would assume that the UN, which is supposedly in charge of the KPC, 
noticed this mass disappearance. 

So let's see. 800 UN employees 'disappeared' to military camps to be trained 
to attack Macedonia. One would assume this act was illegal. One would assume 
the existence of the camps violates Albanian sovereignty. And training UN 
employees to attack Macedonia definitely violates the UN/NATO mandate for 
being in Kosovo, namely to protect the:

"...sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of 
Yugoslavia and the other States of the region..." (Security Council 
Resolution 1244)

Why wasn't NATO dispatched to destroy the camps and arrest the 800 criminals 
and their trainers?

NATO wouldn't have had any trouble finding the camps. All they had to do was 
ask the NATO officers who according to reports are continuing to train the 
KLA just as they did in the past: 

"The news report out of Krume, in northern Albania says this is why 
negotiations for a long-term training deal are going on with the one- time 
U.S. military officers who operate reportedly with semi-official Pentagon 
approval. The mercenary company is identified as Military and Professional 
Resources International. The article also asserts a British special forces 
SAS unit is using two camps near Tirana, the Albanian capital, and another on 
the Kosovar border to teach KLA officers how to conduct 
intelligence-gathering operations on Serbian positions. According to the 
Telegraph. The KLA and SAS -- within Kosovo and from reconnaissance missions 
staged from Albania -- are using satellite and cellular telephones to provide 
NATO with details on Serbian targets." ('UPI' April 18, 1999) 


"Embarrassingly for Kfor, it emerged that two of the Kosovo-based commanders 
leading the Albanian push were trained by former British SAS and Parachute 
Regiment officers in the days when Nato was more comfortable with the 
fledgling Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). [MY NOTE: If they got any more 
comfortable they'd fall asleep.]

A former member of a European special forces unit who accompanied the KLA 
during the Kosovo conflict said that a commander with the nom de guerre of 
Bilal was organizing the flow of arms and men into Macedonia, and that the 
veteran KLA commander Adem Bajrami was helping to co-ordinate the assault on 
Tetovo. Both were taught by British soldiers in the secretive training camps 
that operated above Bajram Curri in northern Albania during 1998 and 1999." 
(My emphasis, 'Sunday Times' (London), March 18, 2001)

Did you notice? They used that word, "embarrassingly," again. Nothing as 
embarrassing as supporting terrorists.

"Western special forces were still training the guerrillas, as a result of 
decisions taken before the change of government in Yugoslavia. " (BBC, 29 
January 2001)


The 'Times' reports that: 

"Intelligence agents have pinpointed 16 illegal border crossings from Kosovo 
used by the NLA..." 

Ain't that swell.

But: if intelligence agents can pinpoint these border crossings, why doesn't 
NATO close them? Better yet, why doesn't NATO do its duty under Resolution 
1244 and the rules of war as they affect occupying armies and set up ambushes 
and arrest these terrorists before they cross into Macedonia? 

"A military commander is responsible not only for criminal acts committed in 
pursuance of his orders, but is 'also responsible if he has actual knowledge, 
or should have knowledge....that troops or other persons subject to his 
control are about to commit or have committed a war crime and he fails to 
take the necessary and reasonable steps to insure compliance with the law of 
war to punish violations thereof.'" ( From 'Nuremberg and Vietnam: An 
American Tragedy,' by Telford Taylor, US Chief Counsel at Nuremberg, page 58, 
© The New York Times Company, 1970. Taylor is citing US Army FM 27-10, 'The 
Law of Land Warfare,' (1956) page 178.)

The NATO leadership is scandalized by suggestions that it should engage in 
any such authoritarian behavior. 

Anyway, even if NATO did arrest a few terrorists, we know from past 
experience they would just turn them lose.

And isn't the notion of NATO ambushing the KPC terrorists as they enter 
Macedonia a bit absurd since NATO has been training the KLA for several 
years; since the UN gave the KLA official KPC status, uniforms, pay, and an 
experienced ethnic cleanser for a leader. And since NATO has even given them 
military maps. To paraphrase Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State, 
"What's the point of having this great terrorist army if we don't use them?"


The London 'Times' reports that: 

"Macedonia's coalition government came close to declaring war after five 
Macedonian soldiers died in an ambush last Tuesday, but President Boris 
Trajkovski has heeded European Union calls for calm." 

You know, after the U.S. 'diplomat' and OSCE big wig Robert Frowick got 
caught a few weeks ago arranging strategy meetings between Macedonian ethnic 
Albanian leaders and Kosovo Albanian secessionists, including the terrorist 
leaders, Thaci and Haradinaj - after that happened, some people said European 
leaders were very upset with the U.S. They said the U.S. was way out of step, 
that it was floundering. Some said the U.S. was sinking into a quagmire. Or 
that its policy was heading for an imminent split with the Europeans, and so 

First of all, if the U.S. is floundering, how come it always flounders in the 
same direction? Or if it is sinking into a quagmire, which suggests loss of 
control, being taken over by events, and so on, how come it sinks with such 
consistency and energy? The same 'critics' of U.S. policy who now say the 
U.S. is sinking into a quagmire also told us that U.S. policy in the Balkans 
was a function of former President Clinton, that if we just elected Bush 
things would change. And indeed they have changed, folks. They have gotten 
worse, just as they used to get worse month by month during the Clinton 

Some analysts cite as evidence of Washington's supposed confusion that U.S. 
officials say one thing publicly and do another covertly. But that is not a 
result of confusion, it is a normal feature of U.S. governmental deception. 
All it shows is that Washington's policy includes publicly criticizing the 
KLA while privately unleashing it on Macedonia.

After all, these leaders can't very well tell the American people, "We 
support terrorists," can they?

As for the imminent split between Washington and the Europeans, it has been 
imminent at least two years. What is the concrete manifestation of the 
dissatisfaction of European leaders? It is: that while the U.S. sends in the 
KLA to terrorize Macedonia, which includes terrorizing local Albanians to get 
them to join the KLA (or NLA or KPC or whatever you wish), Europeans "call 
for calm." 

Calm is a wonderful thing . Peace is desirable. But what does it mean to call 
for "calm" when terrorists are invading Macedonia? 

According to the pro-NATO "Jane's Defense Review," the KLA's strategy in 
Kosovo involved: 

"The harassment and assassination of Serb officials and civilians from 
Kosovo's Serb minority. This has included sniper attacks, Serbs dragged from 
their vehicles and beaten, together with pressure on them to leave their 
homes. The killing of a Serb policeman, Milan Jovic in Podujevo, a mainly 
Albanian town 40km north of Pristina, by men with automatic weapons on 21 
December was one such incident. This UCK tactic has the double benefit of 
forcing Serbs to quit the province and provoking Serb police into retaliation 
and subsequent censure by OSCE observers." (Jane's, 2/1/99) 

One of the signers of the Petition to Free Slobodan Milosevic commented that 
he was: 

"...sign[ing] the petition because Mr. Milosevic did just that what a head of 
state is supposed to do."

What is the head of state supposed to do when his or her country is invaded 
by a terrorist army sponsored by a Great Power that wishes to pulverize his 
or her country? The head of state is supposed to use security forces to 
destroy the terrorist forces. Just the way a good doctor is supposed to use 
medical technology to destroy a deadly disease. 

By urging Macedonia not to destroy the disease, the Europeans are playing a 
treacherous role. They are being the "good cops." The bad cop, the U.S.A., 
sends its attack-dog, the KLA, to lunge for Macedonia's throat. The good 
cops, the Europeans, tell Macedonia, "stay calm. Talk things over. That dog 
might bite. You don't want somebody to get hurt." They try to prevent 
Macedonian resistance. 

And what about President Boris Trajkovski, who is correctly described by the 
'Times' as heeding European calls for "calm?"

In this dance of subservience, President Trajkovski stays in step with the 
Europeans while talking out of both sides of his mouth. 

To win, Macedonia needs to: 1) Replace President Boris Trajkovski; 2) Throw 
out the Western NGOs, human rights snakes, OSCE 'helpers' and U.S. military 
advisers, public and private; 3) Adopt emergency measures to defend the 
sovereignty of the country and to ensure the human security of all citizens; 
4) Jail leading traitors and saboteurs; 5) Urgently request experienced 
military volunteers from similarly affected states in the world (including 
those from the Slavic east, which is the ultimate target of the NATO assault 
on the Balkans).

In other words, Macedonia must act as if it is being invaded, as if its very 
existence as a state is at issue. Because it is. 

Now is not the time for attempts to negotiate supposed grievances. The KLA is 
not 'rebelling' in response to 'injustice.' It is invading on orders from the 
U.S. covert apparatus.

United States policy in the Balkans is very dangerous, but not mysterious. 
Alas, it is predictable. It is not based on the whim of Presidents, whether 
they wear a liberal or conservative mask. It is based on a broad consensus of 
the powerful financial interests which run America that now is the time to go 
for total world domination. The key to dominating the world is to literally 
pulverize the former Soviet Union, reduce it to impoverished, warring 
protectorates under U.S./European domination.

In this way, the American Establishment could accomplish two things. First, 
it could exploit the former SU's vast resources at whim. Second it could 
guarantee that its old Soviet enemy could not put itself back together in 
some new form and once again challenge U.S. tyranny. 

And if the U.S. were to succeed in reducing this great area to shattered 
subservience, it would be easier, much easier, to do the same to: China. 
Point, set, match.

The people of the former Soviet Union cannot be enslaved peacefully. Ten 
years of Western 'help' has taught them plenty. 

That is why the U.S. is trying to surround this area and penetrate it with 
military bases and hostile forces. To this end, Washington must consolidate 
control over a devastated Balkans in which political forces that would resist 
foreign domination and the U.S. "drive to the East" - especially forces among 
the Greek and Slavic populations - are weakened or destroyed. Then 
Washington's Empire will be free to pursue "low intensity warfare" against 
Russia and the rest of the former SU.


The movement for 'Greater Albania' is presented in the media as a powerful 
independent force. It is not. Rather, Washington has taken advantage of 
certain features of ethnic Albanian culture, attitudes and recent history to 
use Albanians as a proxy army and a destabilizing force to further U.S. 
strategy for the Balkans. 

These features are: a highly authoritarian clan structure; a tradition of 
violent, clan-based feuding; a strong current of anti-Slav racism; and an 
unfortunate history of being used by Italian Fascists and German Nazis during 
World War II. (1)

We discussed the ways in which Washington and its Kosovo Liberation Army have 
used these features of ethnic Albanian culture to 'turn' the Albanians in 
"Why Albanians Fled Kosovo During NATO Bombing" and in shorter form in 
"What's Behind KLA Strategy In The Balkans?" (2 and 3, below)

As those articles explain, it is difficult to defeat the U.S./KLA strategy. 
But a posture of accommodation is definitely not the way.


The 'Times' comments:

"There's plenty of money around and they've got good weapons," a Nato planner 
said [of the KLA]. "But we're hoping they've got the sense not to start 
shooting down Macedonian helicopters." 

NATO is hoping that its creation, the KLA, will have "sense." 

Ain't that encouraging? 

"Just a-wishin' and a-hopin' and a dreamin' and a-prayin'." Sitting on the 
old porch swing, enjoying a cool drink and humming a tune while their KLA 
killers move in on Skopje.

Don't worry about a thing. The doctor is operating. 

-- Jared Israel 

Further reading:

1) The Roots of Kosovo Fascism at 

2) "Why Albanians Fled Kosovo During NATO Bombing" at

3) "What's Behind Kla Strategy In The Balkans?" at 




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