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Tue Jun 12 18:36:15 MDT 2001

According to ABC News...

"'We would all prefer to die, rather than sent back to Cuba,'
33-year-old physician Julio Cesar said in an interview in Cap-Haitien,
95 miles north of Port-au-Prince.

"But the dozen refugees...[are]  unaware that Haiti's economy is near

BBC: "Thousands of Haitians leave, mostly for the United States, every
year. Thousands more would probably go if they could.

"They are not used to anyone escaping from anywhere to come to Haiti..."

Serves 'em right. Give 'em a REAL close look at capitalism. Hope the
good doctor ends up as a bus boy.

Why such animosity? Here's why.

EVERYWHERE on this planet, the education (labor time) necessary to
produce a doctor is immense.

In the capitalist U.S., it might cost a quarter-million dollars to
produce a doctor---in student loans or cash up front (provided by the
family). In a socialist country, such as Cuba, the cost is equally high:
putting the skill to use for the people of the state, employed by the
state (who funded the education).

Whether student loans, family money OR state duty, a CONTRACT transpires
between those who penny up and those who receive.

If someone defaulted on a student loan, the lender would pursue their
claim aggressively---and legally... perhaps for a lifetime of bad credit
references, or stern telephone harassment, even court action. If someone
defaulted on a family obligation---say, failing school doing drugs or
something---terrible emotional consequences (such as disinheritance!)
would also ensue.

And if someone receives an education from Fidel Castro and THEN wants to
take it to the U.S. where it can be sold to the highest bidder, there
are ALSO consequences.

Such as living in a lovely capitalist country such as... Haiti.

Ha ha ha.


Barry Stoller

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