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Jim Farmelant farmelantj at
Wed Jun 13 18:47:35 MDT 2001

I agree with Lou here.  Like it or not, Julio's represents what has
proven to be a long standing current within Marxism, that has
periodically been at the center of Marxist debate for well over
a century.  Views similar to his were rife in the Second International.
Lenin & Trotsky had to confront similar views (for example
Plekhanov's) within Russian Marxism.  Nor were the
Third and even the Fourth Internationals immune to similar
currents, years later. Nor is contemporary Marxism immune
either.  So I see no value in trying to force Julio off
the list when he is such an articulate exponent of this
brand of Marxism.  If we cannot openly confront such views
here, what good is this list for?

Jim F.

On Wed, 13 Jun 2001 19:16:49 -0400 Louis Proyect <lnp3 at> writes:
> Julio Huato wrote:
> >Néstor joins the choir of those who want me to 'take a vacation' 
> from the 
> >list.  I haven't solicited advice on that matter.  Néstor's 
> personal attack 
> >is pathetic because it just goes to reveal how little he trusts and 
> values 
> >his own dogmas.
> Nobody has asked you to leave the list except Nestor. Frankly, I 
> think it
> is good that you are here because you represent a current in Marxism 
> that
> has to be engaged with. 
> Louis Proyect
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