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Sorry, somehow the last paragraph did not make it through to the list.

En relación a Julio, 
el 13 Jun 01, a las 22:57, Gorojovsky dijo:

> As to my confidence in my dogmas, it is zero. I am a Marxist, I don't have any
> dogma.
> But I recognize a colonial "Marxist" when I meet one.

The only orthodoxy I accept in Marxism (an orthodoxy without dogmas, but an 
orthodoxy) is the orthodoxy of method. Separating the "economic" and the 
"politic" is not Marxism. And it is certainly _colonial ideology_ when this 
separation takes place nowhere BUT when it comes to explanations of 

And now, I profit by this mail to add this truly final couple of paragraphs.

So that, again, Julio. I suggest your time will be better employed elsewhere. I 
don't care about your remaining on the list, or your leaving for greener 
pastures. There is a "Delete" button everywhere. A pity I will have to pay to 
an imperialist company for the seconds your messages take to get into my 
machine before I can send them to the dustbin they belong to. That's another 
service you are making to the Empire.

Did you ever think of claiming some monetary compensation from them? There are 
people who make a living on that, maybe you were not aware. Don't mention it, 
just drink a tequila to my health with your first salary from the North.

And, just to indulge in my country's violent verbiage:

Colgaremos al último cipayo con las tripas del último gorila.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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