Pacifica board begins to crumble

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Thu Jun 14 06:26:51 MDT 2001

Date sent:      	Wed, 13 Jun 2001 22:58:00 -0400
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Friends -

The day of victory appears to be almost at hand! Leslie Cagan just  called
from Cape Cod to say that Board Chair David Acosta (Houston)  and
reactionary Board member Karolyn Van Putten (Berkeley) -- both  the
subjects of pickets last week -- submitted their resignations  from the
Board tonite. She read me the text emailed to all Board  members by Bessie
Wash's assistant, Jennifer Spearman. The  resignations take effect
immediately. If no one else quits, that  limits the hijackers to a 7-5
majority, but the word we're hearing is  that others may want to bail as
well -- they apparently are saying  they can't take the pressure. This is a
fantastic tribute to all the  hard work and struggle that thousands of
folks have waged on multiple  fronts -- lawsuits, direct actions, rallies,
boycotts, LAB elections,  on-air defiance & education, and all the rest --
for years, but  especially since December.

We can't let down our guards until all the hijackers have left, and  then
we have the very hard work of reconstructing a progressive,  democratic,
participatory network. But for now, let's savor the  victory.

And don't forget to keep the pressure up on Secretary Andrea Cisco by
picketing her business/home on Friday from 5-7 pm.

This news comes hard on the heels of the following email from Carol Spooner:

From: "Carol Spooner" <wildrose at>
To: "bob lederer" <ledererbob at>
Subject: Board meeting cancelled
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 17:06:19 -0700

Bob -- My attorneys spoke with the board majority's attorney Daly  Temchine
this afternoon.  Temchine confirmed that they are going to cancel the board
meeting on July 1st.   --Carol Spooner

Anyway, congratulations to all.

La Luta Continua,

Bob Lederer

Louis Proyect
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