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Julio Huato juliohuato at
Thu Jun 14 09:37:42 MDT 2001

Jim Farmelant <farmelantj at>:

>I agree with Lou here.  Like it or not, Julio's represents what has
>If we cannot openly confront such views
>here, what good is this list for?

My humble suggestion to readers is to resist the temptation to catalog
anyone's views as belonging to a given current within Marxism, new or long
standing.  I know we all need to classify -- it's a first step to
understanding.  But the final classification is supposed to be a conclusion,
not a premise.  Otherwise, we just play at labeling each other's views.  In
the face of dramatic historical changes or of significantly different social
settings, the same Marxist ideas play differently.  It's much more fruitful
to deal with the ideas against the background of the social realities we are
trying to change.  Only in connection to this, the reference to the history
of ideas makes sense.
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