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Communique From The FARC Concerning Slander Campaign

     We of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - People's Army (FARC-
EP), denounce before public opinion a new campaign of slanders against our
organization for the purpose of delegitimizing our just and necessary
struggle to build a new Colombia, at peace and with social justice, dignity
and sovereignty.
     The pretext now are the supposed attacks against indigenous and Afro-
Colombian organizations, in particular against the Regional Indigenous
Council of the Cauca (CRIC).
     The political struggle we are carrying out to build the society we
merit and for which the national majorities are fighting in various
manners, contains and makes its own the demands of those who would identify
themselves as minorities, ethnicities and by gender. In fact our
organization reflects the national spectrum and receives important support
from all social sectors.
     It is not possible to separate the indigenous, black and women's
struggles from the national and class struggle, which continues to be the
prime mover of history. But belonging to a minority is not a license for a
person to act against popular interests.
     The war from which our people have been suffering for more than 50
years is the result of the violence imposed by the state and its various
governments in response to the dictate of U.S. imperialism. We are
exercising our legitimate right to rebellion and to self-determination as a
     The solidarity of the world's peoples includes their right to inform
themselves about our reality and thus have the necessary elements to make
their own judgments.
     We denounce these kinds of manoeuvres, which prepare the way for and
make possible the dirty war, as being disloyal and serving the interests of
the enemies of our people.

Bolivarianamente International Commission
Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - People's Army (FARC-EP)
May 28, 2001

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