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My absolute all time favorite stuff, in addition to the manifesto, are some
of the polemics written around the same time, for example, polemics against
Karl Heinzen, the "True Socialists" and so on, mostly in vol. 6 of the Marx
Engels Collected Works (and available online in the marxist internet

In addition, I would highly recommend The Second Declaration of Havana and
pretty much everything else by Fidel, especially the most current stuff, as
that is highly accessible, as well as Che's writings and most especially
three of them: his speech in Algier in 1964 or early 1965, socialism and man
in Cuba, and his message to the Tricontinental.


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I was wondering what everyone's favorite communist publications are?  How
have they influenced you?   I am still a young student of Communism.  I
have been interested in it for many years, and from time to time I read
publications from Marx, Trotsky, Lenin, and so on.  I was just wondering
if anyone could recommend anything to me?  I will be taking a Marxist
Philosophy class next semester at my college, which deals primarily with
Marx's writings and a little about Hegel.
The publication that has influenced me the most is still the Communist
Manifesto and I am not sure if that could ever change.  Marx and Engels
just lay everything out so beautifully.

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