Cuban refugees

Paul Flewers hatchet.job at
Fri Jun 15 15:25:32 MDT 2001

José Perez wrote: < A case in point is that of "Lord Haw Haw," William
Joyce, the British-raised but American-born and naturalized German Jew-hater
who broadcast to Britain during World War II and was executed at Nuremberg
under an ex-post-facto British treason law enacted once the war was over
(and, yes, listening to Haw-Haw's broadcasts during the war in Britain was a
criminal offense). >

My father's family used to listen to Lord Haw-Haw during the war, as did
many other people -- about six million regularly, and around 18 million
irregularly at one point -- for the entertainment value. He was never taken
seriously in Britain. Listening to him may have been illegal, the book with
the above details in it (Angus Calder's The People's War) doesn't say so,
but the law seems to have been singularly ineffective, just like Haw-Haw's

Paul F

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