Baburam's article available in English (was: Re: Nepalia Imbruglia)

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Sat Jun 16 03:42:51 MDT 2001

Ulhas, I think that this kind of labelling is not responsible nor comradely.
What is your justification for attacking (or *partially* attacking) the CPN (m)
while there ios such pressure being brought to bear on the governmwnt to flush
them out and kill them? What is your logical reasoning in casually proffering
such a comparison? I am not an expert on the CPN (m) either, but I think it best
to try and let them play out their revolution and we do our best (you more so
than I, living in the neighbours' powerful state) to make sure that no power is
brought o bear, through propaganda or otherwise, that helps attack this
revolution in progress.

the rest will be determined by Nepalis.


> I hope Nepal does not get a new avatar of Pol Pot.
> Ulhas

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