OK, let's put an end to all this

jenyan1 jenyan1 at uic.edu
Sat Jun 16 13:10:54 MDT 2001

It's quite unsurprising that someone like Nestor, who lives with the
pernicious effects of North American imperialism every day, should
have no time for its apologists.

It should also be mentioned that Huato's claim that productivity, not
imperialism, is the issue in the South is very much an updated version of
'lazy native' justification of old. Were it not for their actual
influence, one might be inlined to simply dismiss such ideas as worthless
J Enyang

On Sat, 16 Jun 2001, Gary MacLennan wrote:

> I just want to add my support to this.  I hope comrade Nestor will read
> it.  It is simply unthinkable that he should unsubscribe.   I won't comment
> on Julio, but Nestor should know he has considerable support.  So as Mine
> pleads I do too.
> comradely wishes
> Gary

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