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Sat Jun 16 15:56:41 MDT 2001

Ulhas Joglekar wondered:

> > Kantipur editor released on bail
> >
> I wonder how many Falun Gong members get bail.


your Pol Pot oneliner I just ignored. But this I simply do not understand,
why do you have to resort to the crudest anti-Chinese and anti-communist
stereotypes to justify the repression of the press in Nepal.

This does not have do to with the strategy of the CPN (Maoist) at all, but
it is a simple issue of democratic rights. Even if Kantipur were a Maoit
mouthpiece its repression would be unjustified, but if you have a look at you will see they are rather critical of the CPN (Maoist).

In the West Nepal is painted as a constitutional democracy like Norway or
the Netherlands, but I think the following description is more adequate:

"The 1990 constitution itself was hardly a model of democracy. As well as
placing the monarchy above the law and parliament, the king's income and
property remained tax-exempt and inviolable. The constitution enshrined the
right of the king to exercise a number of powers including the exclusive
authority to enact, amend and repeal laws related to the succession to the
throne. He also retained the ultimate sanction: to exercise broad emergency
powers in the event of war, external aggression, armed revolt or extreme
economic emergency. In such a situation, the monarch has the right to
suspend basic democratic rights without judicial review. The sole safeguard
is that the declaration of emergency must be agreed to either by the lower
house of parliament, or if it is not in session, the upper house."
Quoted from:


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