Cliffites want to 'police the police'

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Sat Jun 16 19:46:03 MDT 2001

The Irish Socialist Workers Party, a colonial clone of the British mother
ship,  was one of the driving forces in an electoral coalition in the north
of Ireland in the recent british elections.

Unlike Irish revolutionaries, the British SWP seems to recognise the
partition of Ireland, and so instead of organising an all-Ireland Socialist
Alliance, their position is to go along with separate formations on either
side of the border - a Socialist Alliance in the south and a thing called
the Socialist Environmental Alliance in the north.

The SEA programme, which the Irish SWP helped draw up and campaign for,
included the following gem:

> >
> > o Defend the people against abuses by police forces, either state or
> > 'community'. No to RUC bullying and belligerence. No to punishment
> > beatings and paramilitary exclusions.

I guess calling for the abolition of the RUC would be ultraleft and
sectarian - just like the British SWP opposed the Socilaist Alliance
calling for the abolition of the British monarchy because, horror of
horrors, it might put off royalist workers.  So the Irish SWP just want to
'police the police'.  And stop the RUC from "bullying and belligerence".

More tea with that reformism, vicar?

Philip Ferguson

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