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Julio Huato juliohuato at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 17 10:56:00 MDT 2001

Dayne Goodwin <dayneg at aros.net>:

>Julio's participation on the list has left me puzzled because i have seen 
>no indication that he is organizing "amongst [his] own working class.">

>This is a basis for my criticism of Julio. He seems to have achieved a 
>unity of theory and practice by theorizing that what needs to be done is to 
>organize the upper strata of workers in "the rich countries," that is, 

Throughout most of my conscious political life I've been fully and directly 
involved in organizing and supporting the struggles of Indian peasants in 
Tierra Caliente de Michoacán as well as in supporting and helping the 
organization of poor families, workers, and students in the shanties of the 
Eastern metropolitan zone of Mexico City.  I am well aware that my 
individual bragging rights are insignificant.  Obviously, this all has been 
a collective experience.  To the extent that there are net positive results 
to show, they are only due to my effort in a subatomic-particle level -- if 
at all.

I must now clarify my reasons to participate in this list.  First, this 
discussion list is in English.  My impression is that very few Mexican 
activists and organizers are engaged in this list.  My main particular 
interest in the list is to discuss issues related to the international 
strategy of the communist movement with Marxists exposed to different 
environments.  These issues lead naturally to theoretical discussions.  As 
an outstanding Náhuatl Marxist and leader has put it: "In our struggles, we 
are like volcanic rocks in a creek.  It is open and frank debate which, by 
rubbing us against each other, by polishing our rough edges, allows us to 
forge a collective colaboration as smooth and blunt as the stones by the 
river beach."  To discuss tactical issues related to the class struggle in 
Mexico, I use other channels.

For several reasons, I have become deeply interested in the workers' 
movement in the United States.  The grounds for Mexicans to be interested in 
the United States expand by the day.  Even if my concern were exclusively 
the direct interests of Mexican workers, increasingly, the movement in the 
United States has a direct impact on them, and that would be reason enough 
for me to look at it.  In brief, I don't see these issues as off limits to 
me as a Mexican.

Finally, nowhere has Louis required that participants in this list show 
experience as activists or organizers.  If Louis required it, the discussion 
would not improve.  I don't have any idea how many non-activists are in this 
list and I don't care.  The best I can do is look at each one's 
contributions on their own merits.  Neither has Louis required that the 
subject matter of the discussions focus on concrete, historical class 
struggles, and avoid theory.  IMO, the current state of revolutionary 
Marxism in the world doesn't call for tiptoeing around thorny theoretical 
issues, however settled or sacrosanct they may appear to us.

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