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Juan R. Fajardo fajardos at
Sun Jun 17 22:49:26 MDT 2001

Gary MacLennan wrote:

> I some times wonder where they all are now.  Whatever happened to Olachea
> the Maoist grandee - he who celebrated Fujimori's murder of the Trotskyists
> in the Japanese Embassy?

Olaechea is running an outfit called Justice International (aka
"Justin") in which, for once, he does not focus exclusively on the PCP
and Peru. "Justin" does largely focus on the PCP but it also speaks out
on other issues.  I get their e-mailings without having solicited them,
which makes me think that they snagged the old subcriber lists for
Marxism-International to which I was subbed for all of three weeks, I

> And the PhD from Harvard? - I have forgotten his name.  He of the Will to
> Power combined with a dash of Stalinism and a closeted adoration of Olachea.

That would probably be Louis Godena.... He's still following Adolfo
around the net, and has joined him as the head of the US section of
Justice International. What, if anything THAT does is anyone's guess.

> And Malecki - I almost forgot.  Is he still in cyber space?

Not much anymore.  He supervised Marxism-Unmoderated for a while as an
"interim" whose term never seemed to expire, until the nearly defunct
M-U went automated and administered by someone else.  Bob's homepage is
still up, but hasn't been updated in at least several months, but
perhaps a couple of years.

We should set
> up a re-union - a one post only affair,

You gotta be kidding.  Malecki's erratic spelling alone would kill a
normal man at ten paces!

- Juan

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