Thoughts on the grandfather was Re: boring and long winded

Gary Maclennan g.maclennan at
Sun Jun 17 23:34:27 MDT 2001

>We should set
> > up a re-union - a one post only affair,
>You gotta be kidding.  Malecki's erratic spelling alone would kill a
>normal man at ten paces!
>- Juan

LOL (again).  You see what age does to one.  I had totally forgotten the
spelling.  I do recall though a brilliant spoof of  a Malecki post - I
think it might have been by Doug Henwood.

I remember though Hans Despain putting Malecki on as moderator.  I bumped
into Hans at the Bhaskar conference in Lancaster last year and alas he had
not forgiven me for a flame I sent to him during the Maoist Wars.

I think Hans wanted to promote Malecki as a kind of revenge against Lou, or
was it simply a revenge against humanity.  In any case i have no doubt it
worked as the latter.

I forgot to mention Chris Burford the psychiatrist and Jerry (?) the
economist.  They were kind of special in their won way too.

So no re-union. Ah well will have to make do with sanity then.



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