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Jim Farmelant farmelantj at
Mon Jun 18 02:59:14 MDT 2001

On Mon, 18 Jun 2001 07:44:21 +1000 Gary MacLennan
<g.maclennan at> writes:
> >Lou wrote in reply to George:
> >You should have seen the grandfather of this list--actually you are
> lucky that
> >you never did.
> I some times wonder where they all are now.  Whatever happened to
> Olachea
> the Maoist grandee - he who celebrated Fujimori's murder of the
> Trotskyists
> in the Japanese Embassy?
> And the PhD from Harvard? - I have forgotten his name.  He of the
> Will to
> Power combined with a dash of Stalinism and a closeted adoration of
> Olachea.

BTW Olachea and Godena in addition to running their "organization,"
JUSTIN still moderate the maillist marxism-international which
was the immdediate father of this list.  From what used to be a very
lively list, now all it consists of is the occasional musings of Godenea
or sometimes Olaechea.  Long time members of this list may
remember that it was created in reaction to the demolition of
the old marxism-international list by these two persons.

> And Ralph Dumain.  He is still out there I know prowling around
> eager to
> find someone to dump his considerable bile on. I still recall the
> sense of
> shock I felt when I read Dumain's post telling someone to shove a
> didgereedoo up his ass. You should have seen the vile things that he
> wrote
> about Bhaskar on the Bhaskar list. And the moderators were
> absolutely
> silent until I revolted.

Dumain, you might be interested to know is now moderating his
onwn Marxist philosophy list.  He is also the librarian/archivist
and webmaster for the CLR James Institute
I personally haven't seen too much bile from him lately, so I don't
know if that means that he is dumping his bile elsewhere or if
he has perhaps, purged himself of his bile.

> And Malecki - I almost forgot.

I have seen no sight or sound from him in months, certainly
in his old haunts like the marxism-thaxis list, or on Usenet.
I haven't seen a new issue of Cockroach in quite a long time.

>Is he still in cyber space?  We
> should set
> up a re-union - a one post only affair, to let everyone know how
> normal
> this list is.

Perhaps not.  Even if you could bring these people back together
into one forum on a one time basis, it would take Proyect
months to clean up the resulting mess.

> regards
> Gary

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