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Dayne Goodwin dayneg at
Mon Jun 18 10:15:31 MDT 2001

Hello Greg,
	sorry i was not able to continue with our discussion yesterday. in
general i don't have time to actively keep up with this list.  i am not
able to be online every day; i often get several days behind, sometimes a
week behind, and i only give a cursory look to some of the longer posts.
	what you interpret as my slow and patient discussion is actually
the height of my brilliance.  i am a rough rock in a small creek way up
the mountainside compared to some of you smooth stones down by the beach.
	i didn't get on this list because i thought i had answers to the
profound questions that are continually discussed and debated; i got on
this list to learn. i am pleased to find that once in a while i may be
able to contribute something useful to others. (i originally got on this
list while following a reference to find the text of a talk that Louis had
given at a conference on Trotskyism in the U.S.)
	even if i had been able to stay longer in cyberspace yesterday, i
may not have been able to keep up with you.  your intellectual energy is
astounding and i think you sometimes wear out us lesser mortals.
	i strongly agree with your comments below.  they provoke thoughts
i hope to find time to organize and share with the list, thoughts along
the lines of Phil Ferguson's comments a while back about 'the SWP(u.s.)
and human material.'

On Sun, 17 Jun 2001, Greg Schofield wrote:
	. . .
> I will also have a reread of Julio, in essence I see nothing wrong with a
> call to organise amongst the upper stratum of worker, even if the
> definitions become very grey, I am a great believer, as a general rule of
> thumb, that communists are best being active in the circumstances they find
> themselves in and in the areas which they know best (I have seen the result
> of students going into factories and it is not pretty politically - life
> usually pushes people into many different roles if they are prepared to do
> what is right and follow the flow).
> Communism does need to attract intellectuals, artists, progammers,
> academics and others along with factory workers and all the rest, a class
> moving towards social rulership must develop all aspects entailed by they
> rulership, I hope to see vast sections of the upper stratum join us in
> struggle so unless Julio is arguing only to organise at that level, it also
> needs to be said.
>	. . .
> Greg Schofield
> Perth Australia

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