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> The pertinent bit is that it can easily be read two ways; 1) that is there is no
> worker's party because they gaily share in the feast or; 2) they share in the
> feast because there is no workers party 

I guess a materialist would opt for explanation (1).

However, it is obvious that the ways in which the Western proletariat is co-
opted by the imperialist bourgeoisie can be multiple _except for_ a final cut 
in extraction of surplus value. And this is the basic point here. Workers in 
the First World are exploited (in a sense, _more_ exploited than most -
absolutely not all- workers in the Third World) and this exploitation is a 
qualitative issue, not a quantitative one.

It is hard, however, not to take into consideration the fact that the _reality_ 
of plunder abroad and redistribution within frontiers is an important 
_material_ element in the formation of working class consciousness in the core. 
Most forms of working class racism stem from this concrete fact. 

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