Thoughts on the grandfather was Re: boring and long winded

Juan R. Fajardo fajardos at
Wed Jun 20 00:40:26 MDT 2001

> >Lou wrote in reply to George:
> >You should have seen the grandfather of this list--actually you are lucky that
> >you never did.

If, however, one decides to delve into the life and times of list's
progenitor, the discussions from Marxism-General are available for 1996,
1997, and most of 1998 on the Spoons server:

complete with the Quispe, Ccorimanya, Adolfo, Rolf, Godena and a cast of
several starring in the Great Maoist War, PLUS the unmasking of the
provocateur "Roger C. Phelan", lessons in creative spelling by Bob
Malecki, and displays of Louis Proyect at his sarcastic best.

- Juan

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